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Free Water Bottle Refill

Help us eliminate waste by bringing your own empty, refillable water bottle to the Festival. Water bottle refill stations will be located at the Northwest Food Court and just south of Founders Bridge to help provide clean and safe drinking water. Reusable water bottles will be available for purchase at merchandise tents. Water bottle refill stations are made possible by Riverside Bank of Dublin.
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Reduce the Festival ecological footprint by disposing of your waste properly. Recycling containers are located throughout the grounds for bottles and cans. Special recycling bins for clean dry paper are located at all admission gates.
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Resource Recovery Center

A portion of Festival waste will be sorted to maximize landfill diversion. Check out the recovery center located just outside the Southwest admission gate to learn more about our mission to go zero waste.
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Bike Parking

Exercise and reduce your ecological footprint by biking to the Festival. Parking corrals are located near the Southwest admission gate and on the corner of Coffman Road and Emerald Parkway near Dublin Coffman High School.

2019 Total Landfill Diversion was 41.5%