Volunteer Assignment Description

5K Kids Activity Area
Help children make signs to encourage runners in the race.

5K Registration and Finish Line
Assist with registering runners and giving out bags/medals at the end of the race.

Admission Gate
Scan tickets, stamp hands for re-entry, answer questions and welcome all who attend.

Beverage Distribution
Drive a golf cart to deliver soda pop, water and ice.

Bike Parking
Check in and check out bicycles at one of two bike parking areas at the event.

Festival Operations
The supply and information “brain” of the event, runners are needed for various errands and tasks by request.

Based in Volunteer Headquarters, these volunteers are on-hand to go out on grounds to cover where there are volunteer shortages or extra busy areas.

Golf Cart Crossing Guard
Help golf carts and people cross the road safely on festival grounds.

Greet people as they walk in to the Dublin Community Recreation Center and give general directions for check in and festival entry.

Prepare, handle and serve food for our entertainers and staff.

Information Tent
Answer general festival questions for patrons seeking specific services, vendors or needs on festival grounds.

Kids Gaelic Games
Help with check in, play and crowd flow during kids games.

Assist with official merchandise sales, displaying sizes, answering general questions.

Pre Teen Area
Work with staff for quick set up, general oversight and quick tear down of a late-night pre teen area.

Set Up Crew Wednesday
Cover tables, help with general set up.

Set Up Crew Thursday
Cover tables, help with general set up.

Set Up Crew Saturday Morning
Uncover tables, recover tables and change out signs.

Set Up Crew Sunday Morning
Uncover tables, recover tables and change out signs.

Sharing O’the Green Headquarters
Check in beverage fundrasising groups who serve at the festival.

Sunday Services Set Up
Place signs, programs and help with general set up for Sunday morning faith services.

Tea Party
Assist with food and tea service for this children’s event in the Tea House.

Ticket Sales
Work with a city staff member to welcome patrons and sell tickets (cash and credit card) for general entry to festival.

Token Sales
Work with a city staff member to sell tokens, which are then exchanged to purchase beverages.

Volunteer Headquarters
Check in, give general directions to and welcome/thank festival volunteers. Also help with area clean up and answer questions.

Wee Folk Crafts
Encourage children and assist them as they make their own celtic crafts.

Wee Folk Wristbands
Sell wristbands for those using a portion of the children’s area. Work with staff member and place wristbands on kids’ wrists.