DIF 2013 Highland Games 163

Open Stone

This event is similar to the modern-day shot put as seen in the Olympic Games. Instead of a steel shot, a large stone of variable weight is often used. There are also some differences from the Olympic shot put in allowable techniques. The “Braemar Stone” event uses a 20–26 lb. stone for men and a 13–18 lb. stone for women. No run up to the trig (toe board) to deliver the stone is permitted. In the “Open Stone” event men use a 16–22 lb. stone and women use a 8-12 lb. stone. Unlike the Braemar Stone put, the thrower is permitted to use any throwing style so long as the stone is put with one hand and rests cradled in the neck until the moment of release. Most athletes in the open stone event use either the “glide” or the “spin” techniques.



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