Recognized as one of the best Irish festivals in the country, the Dublin Irish Festival is the cornerstone of Dublin events. The Festival includes seven continuous entertainment stages featuring the best in Irish dance and music.

This year we expect to have approximately 95 vendors in Marketplace and Emerald Arts Isle.


March 1
Applications must be submitted
April 12
Acceptance, decline emails sent
May 1
Down payment and confirmation materials must be postmarked
June 20
Final payment must be postmarked & Certificate of Insurance due


Please do not send payment at this time (if accepted, a downpayment will be due on May 1, 2022)
Space Marketplace Emerald Arts Isle
10'x10' $865 $640
10'x15' $1,040 $780
10'x20' $1,395 $1,030
10'x25' $1,785 N/A
Tables are available for $12 each and chairs for $2.50 each.
Included in your fee is space inside a tent, lights and electric service.


What is the Emerald Arts Isle?
The Emerald Arts Isle is designed to be a mini arts festival inside the Dublin Irish Festival showcasing handcrafted Celtic items. Over the years, it has showcased some of the best Irish and Celtic artists from North America. The area is promoted separately and is physically separated from Marketplace.

Requirements for Emerald Arts Isle:
  • All work must be the original hand-produced work of the artist; studio or production work is not acceptable.
  • We will not accept work from commercial molds, kits, or manufactured work.
  • Collaborating artists are permitted; however, only their joint work must be shown.
  • Artists may only sell work in those media in which they are accepted.
  • All applicants for Emerald Arts Isle (including past vendors) must submit a minimum of 25-word artist statement describing their process and how it relates to the above criteria.

The Committee will make final decisions on which area you will be placed in.
How are vendors selected?
At least 90 percent of your products should be Irish or Irish themed. The spots for vending are limited and only vendors with unique product lines will be added. The committee will review all applications and accompanying material. (Returning vendors are assessed both on product content as well as past festival participation.)
How do I apply?
Fill out the online application by March 1, 2022

New vendors should send samples and/or photographs that will not be returned. While photos are acceptable, a sample items are highly encouraged and will directly show the committee the quality/type of merchandise you sell and allow them to judge you more favorably. Samples will not be returned but will be used for volunteer gifts or donated to local not-for profits. Samples can be sent to: City of Dublin, Marketplace Samples, 6555 Shier Rings Rd., Dublin, OH 43016
Decisions are final
All decisions of the committee will be final.

Only items included on the original application will be allowed to be sold on-site (unless the committee grants permission before the Festival). The committee reserves the right to choose which of the items listed on your application will be sold. On the application, list most important items first.
Will I receive confirmation of my application?
You will receive an email immediately when you submit your application which will include a copy of your submission. On or before April 13, you will receive an acceptance or decline email.
How are vendors set up?
All vendors are placed in a tent provided by the Festival. Vendors are set up to allow a 5-10’ walkway in front of each vendor. In addition, there is approximately 5’ space between each vendor. This will vary slightly from space to space and walkway may not be covered by a tent.
What is required of vendors?
If accepted, all vendors will be required to meet all deadlines set above for materials and payments. In addition, all vendors will be required to agree to the Festival regulations.
/br> All VENDORS must provide DUBLIN proof of commercial general liability insurance on an "occurrence" basis with liability limits in the amounts of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence covering personal injury, bodily injury and property damage; list as additional insured the City of Dublin. Questions should be directed to City of Dublin Risk Manager, Ron Whittington, 614.410.4411. VENDOR is also responsible for obtaining Certificates of Insurance for any and all subcontractors hired by VENDOR. Additionally, VENDORS have an ongoing duty to notify DUBLIN of any changes to its insurance coverage up to and through the end of the Festival.
Hotel space is limited!
Make your reservation early. Call 1.800.245.8387 or go to for more information.


6555 Shier Rings Road
Dublin, OH 43016


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