Highland Games 47

Light Hammer Throw

The hammer consists of a block or ball of metal attached by a handle made of either rattan or PVC pipe. This allows it to flex and the athlete to develop greater amounts of speed when tossing it. The hammer throw is broken down into two categories, light and heavy. For the Men’s divisions, the light hammer is 16 pounds and the heavy is 22 pounds. The Women’s hammers are 12 pounds for the light and 16 pounds for the heavy.

The athlete starts from a standing position with his or her back facing the trig (toeboard). They may not move their feet until the hammer is released, and they may not step on or over the trig at any time. The athlete will wind the hammer in a circular motion, building up speed, and then releasing the hammer over their shoulder. The distance of the throw is measured from the center of the trig to the part of the hammer that hits the ground
closest to the trig.



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