What does it mean to #IllustrateIreland

#IllustrateIreland isn’t confined just to drawing. We believe that Ireland can be illustrated through art, music, writing, and so many other mediums. We encourage you to help us #IllustrateIreland in whichever way inspires you most! We also #IllustrateIreland during #DublinIrishFest at the Challenge Butter Celtic Cooking Pavilion!

How can I participate in #IllustrateIreland

Share with us how you #IllustrateIreland by using the hashtags #IllustrateIreland and #DublinIrishFest and tag us in your post @DublinIrishFest so we can see what you’ve created and possibly even share it with our own audience. We will also be holding a contest where you can enter your own #IllustrateIreland illustrations, photos, videos, recipes, etc.!

What is #IllustrateIreland

Our social media campaign, #IllustrateIreland, aims to educate our community about the significance behind some of Ireland’s most important symbols while encouraging creativity. Starting 11 weeks before the Dublin Irish Festival, each Friday for #FestFriday we’ll share timelapse videos of these drawings across Dublin Irish Festival social media channels! In addition, we’ll share the cultural significance in Ireland as well as where these symbols can be located on Festival grounds. Some weeks, we will be challenging artists, sponsors, entertainers, guests, fans, anyone to join the fun and participate in #IllustrateIreland too!

Where can I follow #IllustrateIreland

The primary location for #IllustrateIreland videos will be on our Instagram @DublinIrishFest, but we will also be sharing them on our Facebook page. We encourage you to follow along as we #IllustrateIreland and prepare for the 32nd year of #DublinIrishFest!

#DrawDublin Contest

What is the contest?

  • The #DrawDIF Contest is part of the 2019 Dublin Irish Festival #IllustrateIreland Campaign, and it is designed to inspire creativity and challenge participants to draw what the Dublin Irish Festival means to them.
  • Drawings may include but are not limited to: favorite attractions, activities, events, culture, and heritage at the Dublin Irish Festival.
  • We hope to use this campaign and contest to what with social media followers and festival guests about Irish culture and heritage.
  • Contest participants may submit drawings to info@dublinirishfestival.org. Winner’s illustrations will be displayed at the Festival and may be reproduced for use at the Wendy’s Wee Folk Area.

What are the qualifications?

  • Participants may only submit original drawings, created solely by the participant
  • Be sure to include the artist’s name and age group in the submission email
  • Drawing dimensions are 8.5x11 in.
  • The drawing must be in black or dark ink, may be created electronically, may not include color, and minimal shading is allowed
  • Illustrations must be submitted as a .JPEG (clear high resolution picture of the drawing) or .PDF (digitally scanned image of the drawing)
  • Drawings must be appropriate for all age groups

Who are the winners?

  • Age groups for submissions include:
    • 6 and under
    • Ages 7-11
    • Ages 12-15
    • Ages 16-20
    • Ages 21 and up

How are winners chosen?

  • A selection committee will choose the top three winners from each age group

What contribution will I make by participating in #IllustrateIreland?

  • You will help us to share the culture of the Dublin Irish Festival in new and exciting ways, while highlighting the importance of creativity.

What is the contest deadline?

  • All drawings must be submitted no later than Wednesday, July 24th at Noon.
  • Winners for each age group will be announced for #WinItWednesday on the following Wednesday, July 31st.

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