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July 24, 2019
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August 16, 2019

Competition and Contest Winners Announced for the 32nd Annual Dublin Irish Festival

Festival Facts:

The Dublin Irish Festival held several competitions throughout August 2, 3, & 4, 2019. The results of each competition are listed below.

IGS Energy/Dublin Irish Festival 5K and Kids Dash

Nearly 1,100 people registered for the IGS Energy/Dublin Irish Festival 5K and 100 children registered for the Kids Dash on Thursday, August 1 to help kick-off the start of the Festival. Winners of the race are as follows:

Men’s Race
First Place – Jason Salyer
Second Place – Elliott Cook
Third Place – Jordan McKelley

Women’s Race
First Place – Sarah Biehl
Second Place – Abby Nichols
Third Place – Emma McCarron

Men and Women’s Heavy Weight Amateur Competitions

The Dublin Irish Festival held the Men and Women’s Heavy Weight Amateur Competitions on Saturday, August 3. Nearly 45 athletes competed in the braemer stone, open stone, heavy weight for distance, light weight for distance, weight over bar, sheaf toss and caber competitions. Winners of each are as follows:

Men’s A Class:
First Place – Garrett Blatnik 
Second Place – Jared Conklin
Third Place – Kendall Thomas

Men’s B Class:
First Place – Max Mays
Second Place – Justin Straight
Third Place – Jeffrey Beatty

First Place – Willis Graves
Second Place – Matt Adams
Third Place – Scott Verbus

Men’s Master Class:
First Place – Jason Spraggins    
Second Place – Jacob Dahn       
Third Place –  Damon Barth

Women’s Open Class:
First Place – Jessica Bridenthal  
Second Place – Adriane Wilson
Third Place –  Emily Adams
Jessica Bridenthal set a new world record in the Sheaf toss at 35’6” 

IHGF Stones of Strength Qualifier

Top athletes competed in the All-American Stones of Strength Qualifier. Events include the Stone Throw, Overhead Stone Press, Stone Carry, Atlas Stone and Stone Medley.

First Place – Anthoney Fuhrman
Second Place – James Rude
Third Place – Josh Essile
Fourth Place – Boston Jacobs

Women’s Division All-American Stones of Strength Qualifier.  (First year competition for the Festival)

First Place – Kristen Bonitto
Second Place – Megan Seilbyl
Third Place – Amalie Flowers
Fourth Place – Meg Davis

Reddest Hair, Greenest Eyes and Most Freckles Contests

The Wendy’s Wee Folk stage hosted its annual Reddest Hair, Greenest Eyes and Most Freckles contests on Sunday, Aug. 4. Winners of each contest are as follows:

Reddest Hair:
Age 8 & Under Division
1. June Wharton, 4 years old, Galloway
2.  Oliver Trapp, 16 months, Pataskala
3. Gio Barbera, 8 years old, Delaware

Age 9-17 Division
1. Khloe Martin, 9 years old, Columbus
2. James Berend, 17, Prospect, KY
3. Connor Ungurait, 9 years old, Westerville

1. Faye Barbera, Delware
2. Meghan Rauchenstein, Dublin
3. Ty List, Pataskala

Greenest Eyes:

Age 8 & Under Division
1. Luciana Barbera, 4 years old, Delaware
2. Ryder Schmidt, 7 years old, Dublin
3. Claire Montgomery, 6 years old, Columbus

Age 9-17 Division
1.  Ava Schmidt, 12 years old, Dublin
2. Dylan Klingenberg, 13 years old, Mentor
3. Kathleen Stran, 10 years old, Plymouth, MI

1. Erin Reicmert, Dublin
2. Brandon Schmidt, Dublin
3. Trina Wiater, Pickerington

Most Freckles:

Age 8 & Under Division
1. Erin Harley, 6 years old, Dublin
2. Cohen Smit, 6 years old, Gahanna
3. Lucy O’Donnell, 9 years old, Dublin

Age 9-17 Division
1. Porter Illig, 12 years old, Powell
2. Mallory Klingenberg, 9 years old, Mentor
3. Bella Illig, 16 years old, Powell

1. Bill Bishop, Upper Arlington
2. Kaleigh Fischer, Dublin
3. Jessica Mooney, Huntington, WVA

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