The Celtic Canines are always a favorite of the Dublin Irish Festival. Here is a collection of videos that bring several dog breeds native to Ireland right into your home. This is the first time that your pet can join you as you learn more about these dogs.

Irish Wolfhound

2019 Irish Wolfhound_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Irish Wolfhound_Trading Card_Page_2

Irish Terrier

2019 Irish Terrier_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Irish Terrier_Trading Card_Page_2

Glen of Imaal Terrier

2019 Glen of Imaal_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Glen of Imaal_Trading Card_Page_2

Irish Water Spaniel

2019 Irish Water Spaniel_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Irish Water Spaniel_Trading Card_Page_2

Irish Red & White Setter + Irish Setter

2019 Irish Red and White Setter_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Irish Red and White Setter_Trading Card_Page_2
2019 Irish Setter_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Irish Setter_Trading Card_Page_2

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

2019 Soft Coated Wheaten_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Soft Coated Wheaten_Trading Card_Page_2

Kerry Blue Terrier

2019 Kerry Blue Terrier_Trading Card_Page_1
2019 Kerry Blue Terrier_Trading Card_Page_2