Boys of the Hock

When not at their day jobs, The Boys of the Hock might be found in Savannah, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and points in between entertaining audiences and driving dancers with their signature sound of traditional Irish music. Flute player Sean O’Malley works in IT at Ohio University. Fiddle player Lynn Shaw is a psychiatric nurse and luthier. Rusty Smith, Director of Ohio University’s WOUB Public Radio, is the group’s guitarist, and Ed Newman, board member of Athens Hocking Recycling Center, plays hammered dulcimer. Rounding out the group is bodhran player Tim Hogan, Director of University Student Centers at NC State, and bouzouki player Ben Warner, a science teacher in the Federal-Hocking school district. The Boys take their name from the Hocking River that flows through Southeast Ohio (and, yes, it’s a play on words, too). The band hosts a session at Little Fish Brewing Company in Athens on Tuesday nights. Their most recent CD is “On the Banks of the Hocking River.”
August 4, 2018 5:45 pm Contra Dance