Celtic Sports

Visit the Greenfields Sports Area to experience the traditional sports of Ireland, including Hurling and Gaelic Football. Expect Celtic sport demonstrations, competitions & hands-on activities throughout the weekend. All activities are free with admission to the Festival. Check back for more information about 2015 Celtic Sports.


Amateur Highland Games Competition

An annual demonstration of Celtic proportions featuring more than 40 athletes competing in the caber toss, stone put, weight throw, weight over bar, sheaf toss and heavy hammer. Athletes threw the heavy hammer for the first time and a world record was set in the sheaf toss.

Kids Gaelic Games

This fun for the whole family activity included the caber toss, sheaf toss and braemar stone throw. Local Irish sports clubs  demonstrated the skills and activities including how to strike a Sliotar. Participants relished in this wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of these traditional sports.

 Sheep Herding

The Shepherds of Ireland have used dogs to herd sheep from far off hillsides for centuries. This demonstration is always a Festival favorite. Spectators enjoyed multiple herding demonstrations by a local shepherd and his obedient canines.

Professional Hurley Maker

This skilled craftsman used a five step process to demonstrate how hurling sticks are made. A Hurley stick is a wooden stick used to hit a Sliotar (leather ball) in the Irish sport of Hurling. This traditional production process requires a vast amount of time, care and labor.

Irish Road Bowling

This traditional Irish sport was featured on the Greenfields Sports Area throughout the weekend. Festival attendees learned the rules of the game and observe throwing techniques from a local club.

Road Bowling has been a popular sport in Ireland for over 300 years. Historians are not clear as to its true origins, but it is believe to be invented by Irish soldiers who used the most readily available playing piece – the cannonball


Dart seminars were presented by Wade Wilcox, a member of the 1995 World Cup team and competitor on the national and international darts circuit. Wilcox was in the Darts Tent throughout the weekend. In his seminars, Wilcox  explains the equipment and rules of the game, demonstrates throwing techniques and discusses the background of darts as a pastime sport.


An American Cornhole Association sanctioned tournament was held. There was cash prizes awarded to the top teams. The tournament considered of a team play format, and all competitors were at least 18 years of age.