The Go Set

new-icon The Go Set are a five-piece punk rock band formed in 2002 in Australia and is built around founding member and main songwriter Justin Keenan. The band was formed after Justin’s previous punk band Eddie Would Go. Since 2002 the band has released 6 albums, consist-ently toured Australia as well as embarking on regular tours of the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

The group’s main style is based around punk rock with strong undertones of folk punk and Celtic punk with the use of traditional folk instruments like mandolinbagpipes and accordion in the music. The Go Set have also supported bands like The Living EndThe Bouncing SoulsFlogging Molly and performed at major festivals. The Go Set are often compared to bands like The ClashThe Pogues and Dropkick Murphys with a unique Australian pub rock character. The Go Set also demonstrate a strong historical, social and political conscience in their lyrics.